Thoughtfully elevated living centered around you.

The Point of the hub.

It’s important to start with the humans and their lives rather than with housing units and spreadsheets. The HUB is a place to create a cohesive and connected community of meaningful moments and vibrant neighborhoods.

Homes are not just a shelter, but ways of belonging
to and participating in a neighborhood community.

Get great people together and let serendipity happen.

The stronger our culture, the the more we feel connected to nature, humanity & ourselves.

We know that the answer to societies problems will be answered in cultural and behavioral changes to the way we live. Our culture is a result of the spaces we design, the values in businesses we celebrate and the community who share our beliefs.

Community Events.

Make new friends

We encourage the use of public spaces, such as streets, lanes and sidewalks, for community gathering spaces, placemaking and programming. Discover a range of events from farmers markets, street fairs, cultural events, community bbqs and so much more!

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