We Weren’t Satisfied With More Of The Same.

thinking differently.

We wanted to match our desires with the incredible opportunities that exist at Chaffee Crossing. We hope to create a whole new way of life in Western Arkansas that will be appreciated for generations to come.

  • 8,800 SQ. FT. of
    commercial / office

  • 2,500 SQ. FT. of
    restaurant space

  • 11 Townhouses 1593 – 2634 sq. ft

  • 32 Apartments
    530 – 701 sq. ft.

The hub is forever perputally growing.

Re-discover connection, reinvent living.

Healthy Interaction Experiences

Often the conventional thinking is that our lives are hardwired in society and therefore unchangeable. But the good news is that our lives can be reshaped by our daily experiences and way of life. Most of us want to grow and live an authentic, meaningful, life. Our job was to create a community space for these goals to flourish.

Our approach towards a contemporay life.

Our Thought

  1. Innovative

    New ways of thinking for inspired with humans in mind.

  2. Connection

    Cultivate communities with a focus of healthy relationships to thrive.

  3. Minimal

    Open spaces, retaining just what is necessary for an individual.

Our Care

  1. Sensorial

    Design spaces that create meaningful interactions between self and space.

  2. Biophilia

    Treating our earth in a way that protects and celebrates its’ beauty.

  3. Long-lasting

    Build with time in mind, never compromise materials for monetary.

Designs that nurture the environment and fosters a centered lifestyle.

About our founders.
  • RoD Coleman

    Founder of ERC & The Hub

    We wanted to make a statement that living in Fort Smith, Arkansas, can be just as vibrant, modern and connected as in any other city in the United States. This is a fantastic place to live and flourish!

    Our living and working environments should express that energy and reflect the changing culture around us at Chaffee Crossing. We are just getting started. Our vision is to create innovative living spaces that are in high demand because they reflect the how and where people want to live.

  • Rob Coleman

    Founder of ERC & The Hub

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Stewards of living well.

Ownership + Commercial + Lofts

Home is not a place, not a person. Home is where we discover the true joy of life which is spending time with family and loved ones, exercising, creating things, writing, talking, walking, traveling, thinking and the feel of meaning in life.

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