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Humans need community. But the more time driving, the less time we feel connected and like we belong. Our plans are designed to make needs and wants close in proximity without the need for long trips on the highway.

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I head over to The Revel for a quick bite to eat. I got an amazing salad, and of course, a smoothie!

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Jason Haid

Owner of the Revel
About Revel

Good Human

With over 20 years of experience Chef, Jason Haid is no stranger to fine dining. After opening River City Bistro, Jason looks to new chapters with the opening of Revel nestled in the Hub. Jason story began as a curious Greek Jewish kid living in Pittsburg. His family spent their life in the kitchen; that's where life happens, he says. Life was always centered around food. Early on Jason learned that cooking wasn't for the faint of heart. When starting simple and making some traditional eggs for the first time with Grandma, who he refers to as a straight shooter, she replied: "those eggs you are awful Jason, you can do better". That experience carved the path to strive for doing things the right way, doing things better. Fast forward to today and Jason is working hard and always looking to create something new. Inspired by color, patterns, reverse engineering dishes, Jason promotes a humble approach that takes classic dishes and elevates them to fine Cusine. Jason will be the first to tell you, fine dining doesn't have to be stuffy or pretentious and hopes to change that perfection. No suites needed! The trick he says is to keep elevated high standards and science, but break down the wall where people can find a space to feel warm and homey. At Revel food is always accepted, just like people should be. Join Jason to take a break from our digital, less connoted lives, and come together around good food where we can take moments to be present.
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